LCRCC Presents: 2nd Annual Chamber Open House Recap

LCRCC Presents: 2nd Annual Chamber Open House Recap

Approximately 150 Chamber members came together under the giant white tent at 60 Main on Thursday, July 19 for burgers and dogs served up by LCRCC President Tom Torti, Senator Dick Mazza, and Representative Peter Welch. The event was informal and laidback, feeling more like a family BBQ than a business-after-hours networking event. Strangers became friends as they dined side-by-side on long cafeteria-style tables and made small talk under the warm July sun. Love Local Catering provided chilled libations to help guests beat the heat, and Palmer Lane Maple made sure everyone had a creemee in-hand. Guests tossed bean bags in a friendly game of Cornhole (LCRCC cornhole courtesy of Vermont Awards & Engraving), and smiles adorned each face in the crowd as the sun set on downtown Burlington.

3 members at the LCRCC Open House

Inside, LCRCC opened our doors and offices to the community that we serve – presenting headshots and tidbits of trivia about each staff member. Each guest received a scavenger hunt sheet at the door, answering the trivia about each staff member as they wandered through our office to get to the BBQ. One scavenger hunt player was drawn from the pile of answer sheets to win a prize – but all players left the party knowing a little more about the people working for their local economy.

People eating food at the LCRCC Open House


In our conference room, Robot Draws You!, a high-tech photo booth service, was doling out self-portraits crafted by – you guessed it – a robot! Guests got to enjoy custom-made, unique and personal keepsake souvenirs – and were able to watch as their likeness was created right before their eyes!

2 LCRCC staff members

Our annual Open House event is fun, relaxing, and casual – but we hold it dear to our hearts for a more significant reason: it’s about you, our members. We love working hard on making this event as enjoyable as possible because it’s a party we throw in appreciation of you and all that you do. Without our members, we wouldn’t be here! We are grateful for each and every one of you, and we hope you’ll continue to partner with us for years to come. Thank you for being the best business community out there – and we’ll see you next year! 

Senator Dick Mazza, Chamber President Tom Torti, and Congressman Peter Welch grilling at the LCRCC Open House


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