Archived picture posts from the last 90 days.

On some back road in the NEK.

It was one of those “I wonder where this road goes” type of things. My GPS had no idea where I was either.

Autumn in Northfield Vermont

Last weekend in Northfield Vermont

Autumn at the Hillside Acres Farm in Barnet Vermont

I have wanted to reshoot this farm for years. Friday was the day.

Up in the NEK.

I had high hopes for this place. Sadly, the color has not made it here yet.
FYI. If you are planning on being out looking at foliage today, and it will be a perfect day, It’s the end of the month and the cops are everywhere. Do the math.

Autumn at the Brookfield Floating Bridge in Brookfield

Foliage season is real early this year.

I took a road trip to Southern Vermont yesterday…

…You will need to get off the beaten path to find the fall foliage.

Happy Autumn!


Early Autumn in Stowe

Taken Saturday.

Early fall color around Stowe.

So. I went looking for fall foliage around Stowe Vermont yesterday. The good news is, the colors are starting to come out. The bad news is, what had already turned, has been burned by a few nights of frost. With ‘normal’ night time temps in the forecast, things should get back on track.

Early fall Foliage in Waitsfield Vermont

I took a quick trip over to Waitsfield to see how the colors are starting to look. It seems a little early this year. How the lack of rain will affect the foliage is a big unknown.

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